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Business Owner Planning

Don’t delay planning for what will happen when you’re gone. It may be natural to put this off, but it can end up being very costly to you, your business, and everyone who depends on you. Here at Mohr Financial Group, our financial and insurance advisors work with business owners like you to create and implement an exit plan that is aligned with your personal wealth management goals. Our dedicated team of San Diego advisors and business consultants use a time-tested process to help you clarify your wishes, and structure a simple strategy to give you financial confidence knowing your business is in good hands.

As San Diego business consultants we take a very holistic approach to exit planning, and we understand that this can be complex for many business owners. Using our comprehensive platform, you can access the expertise and guidance you need to account for all the financial aspects that impact your business, and your family. Our financial and insurance advisors will help you navigate this time with confidence and ease.


Running your own business requires a great deal of your time and energy, so you want financial guidance that is clear and reliable. At the Mohr Group, we’re here to lend our advice and support, so you can have a good understanding of where you stand now, and what can happen in the future. Have confidence in knowing what is around the corner- let us help reduce your stress with our business owner planning services.

High Net Worth

For those business owners or individuals will a high net worth, the Mohr Financial Group seeks to provide the very best personalized service. We understand the complex needs of high-asset companies and the people that run them and will take the time to get to know your unique business and personal goals. By learning about you, your family, and what you want for your future, we can craft a strategic plan that is based on what you value most. Our team of high-asset San Diego business consultants, financial specialists and insurance advisors will coordinate to account for future market conditions, helping you build your future independence.

The world of financial technology is rapidly changing and evolving, and you can count on the Mohr Group to always be on the cutting edge. We proudly partner with some of the most adaptive technology firms in the industry, and we are always looking for better ways to serve our clients’ needs for efficient, intuitive account management. 

Insurance Strategies

Insurance is not just a way to protect you and your family from the unexpected ups and downs of life. It is also a crucial aspect of a comprehensive financial plan, as well as a valuable funding device for savvy businesses. The right insurance strategy can serve to supplement your needs into retirement and is one potential way to benefit from tax-advantaged growth. The Mohr Financial Group is here to help you build and implement a personalized insurance option for you.

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