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Learning to walk. Riding a bike. Climbing a mountain. Living to 100.


Every task feels impossible until you take the first step.


The good news? When someone is there to hold your hand, guide your handlebars, or point you in the right direction, anything can be accomplished.


At the Mohr Group, we take a comprehensive approach to your wealth management journey. We begin by collaborating with you to develop a plan, then help to implement, benchmark, and adjust every step of the way.


Being armed with a comprehensive and customized analysis of your overall financial vision will allow you to set goals, address any issues, and pursue the protection and growth of your personal wealth.

Lifetime Income Model™

Retirees must make important decisions about their future. Our team can help you answer the following questions:

Do I have enough money to retire the way I want? Is it in the right place? How can I maximize tax efficiency?

The Legacy Discussion™

Estate planning is often among the least prioritized financial considerations – but is in fact among the most important. Our San Diego estate planning service and financial management team can help you determine how you would like your assets to be distributed when you're gone, how much control your heirs should have, and how to minimize the tax burden on your family.

The Financial Second Opinion™

The financial health of an individual or family is second only to their physical health. Asking for second opinions from doctors is common practice – so should it be with financial advisors. Get a no-obligation review of your financial affairs and a candid report that breaks down where you stand.

Plan for Financial Comfort™

Life is full of the unexpected. Major life events, transfer of assets, loss of a job, new baby, divorce, death – the list goes on. Have a contingency plan ready, so you are prepared for the unexpected.

The Integrated 401(k)™

Many business owners in San Diego have 401(k) plans – few understand them. We can help integrate your 401(k) plan with educational resources for plan participants and maximize your 401(k)-plan design.


The Integrated Business Alliance™

Clients with complex financial lives find it difficult to access the independent, objective advice needed to address, strategize, and integrate their personal wealth management and business planning needs. Our San Diego estate planning service and financial management team bring structure and intention to the distribution and transfer of your wealth.

No Strategy assures success or protects against loss.

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