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Family Office

At the Mohr Financial Group in San Diego, we are dedicated to protecting your family’s wealth with family governance and estate planning services and encourage its growth through many future generations. We utilize a cross-disciplinary approach to help you clarify and prioritize your goals, helping you hone in on what is most important to you and your loved ones. When you come to us, you’ll receive a dedicated staff, to manage all your assets and work hard to honor your vision for what lies ahead. You will benefit from this dynamic relationship, where your advisors can create, implement, and adapt your financial strategies based on current political or tax climates, as well as your personal family decisions. 


The Mohr Group in San Diego offers a range of family office services including:

  • Family Governance

  • Legacy Planning

  • Lifestyle Management

  • Trust Company Services

  • Business Planning

  • Philanthropy

LPL Financial Representatives offer access to Trust Services through The Private Trust Company N.A., an affiliate of LPL Financial.

Legacy Estate Planning

When many people think of legacy and estate planning, they think of wealth transfers, but the truth is it’s so much more than that. When you come to the Mohr Group, we will have many meaningful conversations about your values, your charitable goals, your long-term care needs, and your wishes surrounding inheritance. We understand the unique challenges of maintaining lifestyles through retirement and end-of-life care, as well as preserving a lasting legacy for future generations. 

There are many different aspects you must consider when estate planning like taxes, medical costs, inflation, and market fluctuations. Thankfully, our San Diego family governance, estate planning and legacy planning advisors can guide you in creating a plan that accounts for all of these things. Using strategic risk management processes, our team can build a holistic financial plan for you, so you can meet the rest of your life with confidence. 

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