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Wealth Management

Here at the Mohr Financial Group, we provide a wide range of holistic wealth management options. Our team of San Diego financial management and retirement advisors will work with you to create a personal business plan that suits your needs and future goals, and we will oversee and adjust this plan over time as needed. A customized, comprehensive analysis of your current finances will allow us to set viable goals and enhance the growth opportunities of your assets while seeking to minimize risk to you and your family. 

A good financial plan includes many moving pieces, and we’re here to help integrate those into a cohesive picture. Your future and the future of your loved ones depends on having a financial strategy that is encompassing, adaptable, and aligned with your unique vision. We encourage all of our clients to work with other trusted advisors like family attorneys and CPA's to address any blind spots and carry out supportive steps for your overall plan. The Mohr Group is here to coordinate your team of financial professionals, so that we can better simplify your decision-making process and collaborate on a personalized plan for your long-term interests.

Our San Diego financial management offerings include:

  • Investment Management

  • Financial Planning

  • Performance Measurement

  • Tax Planning and Coordination

  • Consolidated Performance Reporting

  • Portfolio Manager Selection

  • Impact Planning

  • Risk Monitoring

Wealth Distribution Strategies

Saving for your future is important, of course, but what about your ability to draw income during your retirement? With rising living costs, decreasing value of Social Security, and longer life expectancy, it’s vital that you have a plan to address your needs through your golden years. You don’t want to spend your final days unsure about your income stream and this is where a strong financial plan comes into play.

Here at the Mohr Financial Group, we use a “Lifetime Income Model,” which is designed to analyze your finances, and create a retirement income distribution strategy that suits your goals. Using this model, you can look forward to an income strategy that seeks to minimize risk and preserve assets, as well as potentially improved tax efficiency. 

No matter what kind of wealth you have, you deserve to have a solid, comprehensive plan that seeks to grow wealth and spread it out in a way that feels right to you. Our team of San Diego financial management and retirement advisors are here to ensure that your financial needs are addressed every year of your life.

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